Cherry Blossom + Kite Festival

I guess spring is here…still pretty chilly outside but my tulips and crocus haven’t been informed.  I guess no one notified the cherry blossoms either…they were in full bloom this weekend for the Cherry Blossom Festival.  I went down on Saturday AM to catch the blossoms and the Kite Festival which was also taking place.  I met my friend Sarah and her son Jack down there as well. 

The Kite festival was amazing…it was hard to capture with pictures as there was SO much going on…so many kites so many kids…so so much.  You had to be there.  The picture below captured it best for me while the one that follows gives you an idea of how many kites there were.


The blossoms were as beautiful as ever and so was the weather.  I haven’t been down to see them for a couple of years so it was worth the trip.  A few of my favorites from the the 100+ pictures I took are below. 


  1. You’re making me miss DC! Beautiful pictures! Glad you’re enjoying the new camera 🙂

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