This is my typical response to when I do things un-girly.  Roar!

Today started at 7:30 with a pup that was begging for a walk but a human that didn’t want to walk in the rain…so I headed downstairs and began to prep.  My day went much like this:

Shop-Vac’ed the entire basement to rid of nails, and other extraneous dust that would hinder painting
Taped (btw…taping sucks)
Primed bathroom shoe moulding
Removed bathroom door from hinges
Painted bathroom door
Painted bathroom baseboard and door trim + bathroom closet doors
Painted 2nd coat on bathroom door
Made lunch
Went to grocery store
Walked dog
Flipped door…painted other side
Painted shoe moulding
Second coat on bathroom baseboard trim and door trim + bathroom closet doors
Second coat on bathroom door
Install new toilet seat
Sweep and mop bathroom floor
Get call from frazzled neighbor who is out running errands but just heard from realtor that  there is someone coming over to look at their house (its for sale)
Go get neighbors dog and make sure house looks presentable
Watch dogs fight indoors then lock them out on the deck
Wait for neighbor
Wait for potential buyers
Neighbor leaves…back down in the basement I go
Install new door hinges
Hang door
Install door knob
Put the shoe moulding puzzle back together so that Dave can tack down tomorrow
Clean up work mess
Pour a glass of vodka…add some grapefruit juice
Take shower

There you have it. I foolishly thought I could paint all the trim in the basement in one day.  Let’s just say that our tiny bathroom kicked my ass and the rest will have to wait until I return from Utah.  I’m sore and my back hurts, but I did more in 1 day alone and used more power tools than most girls know how to do with a man in the house.  Roar!


  1. Sounds like your day was similar to mine. Except mine was filled mostly with raking the backyard and picking up the months of dog crap back there — not a fun task, and arranging our upstairs room. I was going to touch up the trim paint up there, but didn’t get around to it. When Albert leaves, I always end up doing the kind of nasty chores that we’ve been putting off forever.

    • Yeah I don’t know why I do stuff like that…I guess it keeps me busy? Keepd me from being bored? Tongiht it’s laundry, fertalizing lawn, and taking out the trash. Par-tay on. I can’t wait until Wednesay!

      • I might try to tackle the upstairs trim tonight. Although my brother is around, and we’re going to a brewery to have some beer (hopefully not green) and corned beef for dinner to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day:) I’m so ready for a few days off, though!

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