Basement update #2

More has happened to the basement this week.  Of note…baseboards, bookshelves and bathroom tile.  Pictures are below.

Bookshelves are in…the shelves are stacked up in the right column.  We will stain these the color of our end tables once we figure out what those are…

This is why I like Contractor Dave.  I would have never thought to make this ingenious wooden cover to hide the old concrete step.  Fancy huh?  Probably looks even better without grout stains but oh well.  These too will probably get finished and stained soon as well as I think paint will just scuff…

The bathroom.  I personally like our ghetto light fixture.  I guess Home Depot is on my list of things to do this weekend.

I’m sort of glad that he kept some of the bathroom ducks around in the bathroom closet.  We will always have memories of exactly how ugly things used to be.

Charlie loves to sniff the toilet hole.  ew

Scary basement window…should be replaced this week with something newer, not full of cracks and spider webs and hopefully white.

A constant reminder that there is always something to do in this house…up next?  The hallway leading down to the basement!  It’s filled with shiny notty pine and that crazy seizure worthy carpet. 


  1. Wow, this is really coming along nicely!

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