Basement update #1

I should have posted pictures a long time ago but time has slipped away from me.  The basement is almost done construction wise.  All that is left that I can see is to install baseboards and do some finishing touches.  We painted last weekend.  The main room is a light beige and my office is a bluish white.  The colors will pop a little more once we get the baseboards in an paint them a pure white.  We also need to tackle the carpet situation sometime soon.  Some photos are below…enjoy!

Initial framing goes up.  In the background, you can see into the bathroom on the right and our laundry room in the middle.  The door in the back left goes out to the garage.  We are blessed with a walkout basement.  The windows (and door which isn’t pictured) go out to our backyard and patio.

Framing is done.  We had a wall built in to divide the living room area from my office area. We also had the outside wall insulated.

Drywall is finished and we are prepping to prime and paint.

As it looks today!  Recessed lights, and drop ceiling add finishing touches along with doors and door framing.  Haven’t even had the drop ceiling up for 3 days before we have a water mis-hap from a kitchen freezer leak…can you spot it?  This is why dry-wall ceilings in basements are a bad idea and I’m so glad we went the ceiling tile route since we can just replace the ruined tile.

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