The Flu

If you were spying on our house this weekend we probably disappointed you.  Nothing happened.  Nothing.  Unless you count the increased traffic from the bedroom to the couch and back again.  I pretty much slept all day Friday and Saturday.  Sunday I did muster the energy to stay awake to go to a hockey game from 3 to 6, but the rest of the day I pretty much was flat on my back.  There was plenty of good strong coughing, high fevers, chills, stuffiness and old fashioned pill popping in between those long naps though to keep me entertained.

Today I went back to work and it seems Mr. Flu had his way with a couple of my coworkers this weekend as well.  One of them had a doctor smart enough to stick a swab up her nose to confirm it was influenza type A.  At least I’m done with it all healed and back on my feet.  I would hate to be one of the poor souls at work trying to keep healthy, all the while knowing that their time is limited before they succumb to it’s cold feverish hands.

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