Let’s reminisce shall we?

The re-construction of our basement began yesterday.  A very exciting time for the Royce and Julie unit.  This will expand our living and entertaining space by 228 sq feet, not to mention add a usable half-bath into the mix.  We plan on using this space mainly as a family room/entertainment room.  But a corner of it will also house my office in order to free up a bedroom upstairs for future familial growth if you get my drift.  

But before we get ahead of ourselves, I figured it would be a good time to walk through memory lane. 


When we first closed on the house, our basement looked like this…something resembling more of a 70’s swingers lounge (complete with large plush orange sectional, crazy carpet and bar!) rather than a cozy family room:

With the washing machine incontinence issue of January 2006 we tore out the super funky carpet and were left with tile reminiscent of my grade school cafeteria…all we needed were metal folding chairs and our basement would have been the hit of AA meetings around town!:

Then my husband got a bug up his ass and decided to rip down all the notty pinewith the expectation that we immediately begin the refinishing process as die-hard do-it-yourselfers…that was until we tried to pick up a piece of drywall at Home Depot and decided we better leave this job to the pro’s…or at least someone stronger than the two of us.  So we have been living like this since January 2006:

It hasn’t been all that bad, until you walk down there with nothing but slippers on and forget there are still exposed carpet tacks just waiting to pierce your tender foot. But the general bomb-shelter look was also getting to be a bit…well…depressing.  

This week has been very uplifting knowing that soon we will have smooth drywall, a spiffy new bathroom, and plush carpet between our toes in no time.  I expect for the major construction to be finished within a couple of weeks…then we will do the finishing touches ourselves…the trim, painting etc.  We also need to get carpet, not to mention furniture, a TV and other stuff to fill the room.  We are not in a hurry, but I’m sure we will be fully decked out by the 2008 football season.


Stay tuned as I will provide updates as the construction continues!  Basement 2008!  Hip-hip-horray!

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