Yes Mom, I did pot my plant

And I even had Royce help me hang it up today in the spare bedroom.  See…

He sure looks pueny right now, but I have faith that this plant with it’s long journey to DC from KC will fill out just fine.  I hope I can find a tasteful plant stand to put under this window so that we can bring more life into this house.  I also hung a philodendron in our bedroom and hope to find another good looking plant to put atop our fancy new dresser.  

Yes you heard that right.  We got new bedroom furniture!  A milestone in our adulthood if I do say so myself.  It has high time we upgraded from the lame, but structurally sound iron bed-frame, and my Ikea particle board chest of drawers.  We ended up getting this bed, and this chest from Bassett.   Both are in the dark Java finish and are just beautiful.  The chest is so tall I can’t even see in the top drawers so those will be Royce’s.  We still have to get wardrobes and nightstands for the room but I’m hopeful we will do that next weekend.  Then, after over a year…we will finally be moved into our bedroom…clothes and all.  

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