Week in Review

Monday:  Spent MLK day being lazy, watching our Netflix Season 1 Heros episodes and experiencing a very annoying Bethesda moment to see The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.  I also managed to match up all the socks in the house.  Thanks to Charlies obsession with taking socks out of the laundry and bringing them to us, they had gotten all mixed up which isn’t a big deal except with Smartwool socks it is really hard to tell the difference between medium (mine) and large (Royce).  We now have J and R on the bottom of our respective hiking socks.  Conclusions from this day are that Heros rocks, Bethesda is overrated, and movies better be shockingly good to spend $21 to see one on a Monday afternoon at 1 pm.  I think we will stick with watching movies at home.

Wednesday:  Went  to swim laps at our local county pool.  We are both trying to go at least once a week, if not more.  I’m really tired of running.  Actually, I think I can say officially…I hate running.  I haven’t run in months, it hurts.  I’ve resorted to swimming, taking long brisk walks through our hilly ‘hood, and lifting weights at the gym in hope that if I get off some weight running may not be so painful.  Anyways, I got to try out my new flippers (serious swimmers call them ‘fins’, but flippers are way more fun to say) and they made swimming easier, but I still suck.  I suppose practice makes perfect and with time I can swim more than 100 meters without having to stop to catch my breath.  I may enlist Royce’s friend Dave to come teach me a bit…rumor has it he is an amazing swimmer. 

Thursday:  Taco night!  My favorite.  We have started making our tacos withground turkey…one step to being a bit healthier in ’08.  I honestly can’t tell a difference.  Dinner discussion focused on the economic stimulus hooey that was in the news all week.  Royce stated that if they can find billions of dollars to hand back to us to stimulate the economy why can’t they give everyone health care?  I found that amusing since I heard that most people in 2001 (the last time this occured) spent their stimulus $$ either 1) buying clothes or 2) paying medical bills.  I’m telling you we should run for president.

Friday:  We are packing to head out for our winter weekend away in a cabin far far away in VA.  Should be a good weekend of hiking, relaxing and good food.  Will hopefully have some good pictures to post when I get back!

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