Poor Andy (my car, I name my cars…sad, I know) has been ghetto attacked.  The bolt covers on Andy’s wheels were stolen sometime this week.  I noticed when I came out of Trader Joes this morning.  Sad.  So sad. Ghetto people…they live among us, and they steal wheel caps with “Acura” on them.  Pathetic.  What’s even sadder is I doubt I’ll replace them as they probably would just get stolen again.  At least they didn’t take the entire wheel…thats happened in our ‘hood before…you come out to see your car on blocks.  I guess my tires suck so bad they only wanted the part with “Acura” on them.  What is this obsession with brand anyways? 

I guess I should start putting Andy on the driveway, but I’ve also heard that the car out front keeps your house from being broken into (sadly this is a issue in our ‘hood).  Since our driveway and garage is hidden behind our house if a car isn’t out front then I can see how a suspecting burglar would think no one is home.  So I’m torn. 

I think this incident is slowly transitioning Andy into his next life, which will more than likely be a ghetto life.  Andy is popular among ghetto people here…I typically see his brothers and sisters souped up with fancy hub-caps and loud mufflers.  I’m sure when we look to sell Andy to get me a more family-friendly car he will be snatched up by the ghetto.  Poor Andy…he doesn’t like loud mufflers or pimped out rides, he likes NPR and scheduled maintenance contracts.  I almost feel sorry for him already. 

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