London, Basement, Food

I’m sorry for the post anorexia lately.  Not much has really be happening as of late to our family unit.  Work…sleep…eat…pet charlie…repeat.

I did book my ticket to London yesterday which is o-so-exciting.  I’ve never been…Royce supposedly has been with ‘past girlfriend’ butwe won’t consider that as valid.  My friend Christine will be there for an extended period this summer so I’m paying her a visit (I do owe her as I never visited her in FL) over Memorial Day.  I’ve never really done a trip like this on my own…flying for 7+ hours with no Royce to pester will be daunting but I think I’ll do OK.  I get to fly Virgin Atlantic which I’m very curious about.  Tickets were the same price as British Airways but Virgin gives me 1 extra inch of legroom so I was sold!  One inch is HUGE when you are crammed in your seat for 7 hours.  I just hope my seat mate doesn’t smell…Royce can sometimes be smelly.

Next bit of news…the basement.  Had Conctrator Dave over (same guy who did our bathroom) on Saturday for a basement estimate.  When he did our bathroom he wasn’t interested in the job, but now that things have slowed down considerabily for him he was willing to take us up on our offer.  Dave thinks we can get our washing machine next to our dryer (currently they are separated…they don’t get along…tsk tsk) as long as the plumbing can be moved.  It will be a big project…breaking up the concrete foundation, but if it is possible it would allow us to have a nice cozy laundry facility AND expand the bathroom in the basement to our 3rd full bath.  Fancy huh?  

Lastly…Food.  It is Restaurant Week here again in DC.  I’ve posted about this before…it happens every January and August.  Tuesday we went with Dave to Zola.  Zola is way to trendy for this midwestern girl to try on any regular night but I had heard for restaurant week they offered their entire menu up for grabs so I was sold.  The food was delightful.  Royce had the Arctic Char and Dave had the Skate.  Both were really cooked well and had great flavor.  I stuck with the Wagyu Beef which was so-so…it wasn’t rare enough for me and was lacking in a sauce, but the polenta that came with it was really good.    Next up is Corduroy on Friday with some girls from work.  


  1. Virgin Atlantic is pretty damn cool. I flew that in 2004 when I went to London and Ireland with my brother and Lauren. Probably the best flight I’ve ever had — and definitely the best overseas flight.

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