Neighborhood Bliss

I think I’ve mentioned how quaint our neighborhood is in previous posts.  If you don’t remember, just take my word for it…it is quaint, story book quaint, so sappy sometimes it makes you want to puke and then smile because you live in such an awesome place.  It’s becoming so quaint that I can’t imagine finding another ‘hood quite like this if we ever moved…which makes me want to stay in this little ugly rambler forever.


Anyways…our ‘hood has a list-serve, and a couple of months ago after my county wide cooking club went defunct I decided to poll the neighbors on their interest in starting a neighborhood based cooking/social club.  I received great interest from young and old alike and last night was our first meeting.


My neighbor and I prepared light appetizers and everyone else was responsible for bringing drinks or a dessert to share with the group.  We chatted, did introductions, and then discussed our desires of what we want the group to be, and evolve into.  It was all very exciting and fun.  We enjoyed meeting some new people and tasting new treats.  I hope everyone left with a tinge of excitement for what is to come. 


It is just nice to have something that doesn’t require me to go out and sit in traffic to chat with strangers I may or may not have anything in common with.  The common bond of being neighbors makes a group like this more fun and I hope it is something that continues to grow as the neighborhood grows…I’ll keep you posted on the endeavor!

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