Dear 1970’s KitchenAid dishwasher…what took you so long?

When somethings die you get sad, even a bit nostalgic.  Other things you wish were dead eons ago.  Our dishwasher was one of those things.  Due to the extreme organization of the previous owner (who eerily has handwriting that looks much like my fathers) I know that the our dishwasher was installed in March of 1975.  

This machine has been living longer than both Royce and I.  

They must have taken the “How to get the most out of your new KitchenAid Dishwasher” pamphlet to heart (they kept every appliance warranty, instruction book and care packet).

I really enjoyed this KitchenAid propaganda poster describing how easy it was to load (they look like they are having way too much fun) AND the variety of colors it comes in. I was shocked to find out you could get a stainless steal front in 1975! Which makes me beg the question why did everyone chose Avocado Green and Golden Harvest instead?

It never really cleaned that well but it was never really broken enough to replace, and I was just waiting for an excuse to get a new one.  This weekend when it peed all over our kitchen floor we didn’t hesitate one second before we decided to throw out the ol’ chap instead of pay someone to repair it’s elderly incontinence.  

Whith-in one hour I had done my Consumer Reports research and we were off to Sears.  Only two hours after the funeral march of the brown smelly dishwasher, we fell in love with a new sleek quiet shiny Kenmore Elite and decided to toss in a new bone destroying garbage disposal to make the upgrade complete.   

Everything arrives and gets installed on Wednesday, just in time for the holidays!

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