Yet another thing in life you should get a medal for (in addition to figuring out bus systems in foreign countries) is finishing all your Christmas shopping in one weekend.  Whew.  It was brutal, but it is done.  Got a couple of things to trickle in through the friendly postman and then of course there is the wrapping, but fighting the crowds and figuring out what to get (the 2 hardest parts of christmas shopping) are done.

I even have most of the decorations up.  I think we will get the tree next weekend so then I can wrap said gifts and hope that Charlie doesn’t bark/bite/eat them.  He has been really skitish lately, barking at nothing…growling at my big pile of leaves I made yesterday…just general odd behavior that’s especially creepy at night when I’m home alone.  One of my girlfriends said our house is haunted…lets just say that didn’t help my already active imagination very much.  I clipped the hair from his eyes yesterday so maybe he was barking because he couldn’t see anything.  Let’s hope.

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