I love love LOVE thanksgiving….can you tell?   

There is something about the methodical madness that just sets me off.  The cooking, the colors, the fall weather.  If there was a place that was a constant perpetual thanksgiving time I would be as happy as a clam…probably really fat too but this is a dream so I’ll make my metabolism faster. 

We gathered with our neighbors and two of our friends for the feast.  Had a table set for 8 at our house and my neighbor and I split the cooking.  OK well she did WAY more cooking than me but she also made 3 side dishes and 3 appetizers that were not originally discussed so thats her own fault!  Here dishes were wonderful though…I had never had fresh creamed corn and it was darn tasty.  Chicken and dumplings were good too.  I made a small turkey breast so that we would have something to make left-overs with (had it roasted, dismantled and cleaned-up before everyone arrived).  I was also in charge of the pies (pecan and pumpkin), cranberry sauce, as well as vegetable sides so I did greenbean casserole and some maple carrots.  We had plenty to eat…and plenty more left-over.  So far my favorite leftover is turkey with some of the fresh cranberry sauce with a roll.  Yum yum.

As always…my traditional thanksgiving turkey picture.  I can’t wait to compile all of these someday into a big thanksgiving turkey album 30 years from now.


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