Rome Day 8

We were extremely lazy today.  The pouring rain didn’t help matters much either.  In the morning we went to the Campo di Fiori market which was the closest market to out hotel to take a look at thier goods and get some gifts before leaving for home.  We didn’t get much other than some spices and some good photos which I plan to print and hang up in our kitchen or dining room someday.  All that shopping required a nap…so back we went for a mid-morning siesta.  

After lunch we went to the Capuchin Crypt to look at some morbid bone art.  We had fun naming the bones…Royce got really excited when I was able to identify a scapula.  (Photo from Wikipedia)

Since it was raining we thought we would find a movie theater but our search for either a V.O. (version originale…aka…in english) or something with english subtitles was fruitless unless we wanted to see The Bourne Ultimatum (the other Bourne movies nearly make me vomit because of the jerky camera crap this movie wasn’t an option).  Going off our Paris viewing of The Incredibles we that Ratatouille would be fun but it was only playing in Italian.

So we headed back home and out of the rain for yet another nap!  (I love vacation!!!).

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