Rome Day 7

Had a late start this morning (see Day 6…too much partying with the Aussies)…later than we wanted because today we did Vatican city. 

The Vatican museum closes at 1:00 and the lines can be long and so we were nervous we wouldn’t make it in time to stand in line and get in to see the Sistine Chapel.  After a good hour we managed to make it in…then we went on this wild-goose chase to find the Sistine Chapel.  Because we were so short on time we skipped the rest of the museum and just focusedon getting to the Chapel which is unfortunate because from what I saw (and we saw a lot) and read the museum looks pretty darn good.  

So back to the goose-chase.  My God of all Gods I do NOT understand why you have to walk through the entire maze of the museum (up and down and back and forth and through this dark hall way and down these dark steps to go up these stairs and down another hallway) to get to the Sistine Chapel.  I think over half of the traffic in that museum is just people walking through the museum to get to the Chapel.  I wish I would have timed it, but I think it took us at least an hour to navigate the maze and crowds of people before we arrived at the hot crowded Chapel.  

It was worth it though…as beautiful as one might expect.  Although you kind of get a stiff neck standing there gawking up towards the ceiling while you read about the murals.  (I must say that it really PISSED me off that everyone was taking photos although the Italian guards were yelling NO PHOTOS and were even telling people to put their cameras in thier bags as they walked in…not to mention all the no camera signs.  I mean really…do they really think that they are so important that their flash and the millions of others won’t eventually lead to the dulling and decaying of a monumental work of art?  Ugh.  About as annoying as the stupid men who were touching the statues in the Louvre.  Stuff like this can almost ruin a moment).  When we were done we headed out for some much needed fresh air and pondered why the Vatican just doesn’t have a separate entrance to see the Sistine Chapel so that those who want to see the museum exhibits can do so in peace.  

St. Peter’s Basilica was next…such a grand building with interesting history.  I would have loved to hear that organ in action though…it was H-U-G-E.  After our climb to the top of the dome for some panoramic views of the city we headed out for the long walk home.  Before leaving we wandered by Castle St. Angelo for some photos of the bridges and surrounding waters.

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