Rome Day 6

We started our day with the Colosseum and The Forum both of which were within walking distance of our hotel.  Royce thought the Colosseum was way better than Arrowhead and doesn’t understand why we still don’t have public battles of man vs. beast (he was joking of course… I gathered his commentary after a couple of pints you see).  I had a lot of fun playing with my camera today…the sun was shining and even Royce found some inspiration.  It also helped that the arches of the Coloseeum framed things o’ so nicely.

The Forum was also impressive as 2000+ year old ruins tend to be.

Royce of course enjoyed the Mamertine Prison where the kindly list how everyone died…

On our way home for a siesta we stopped by the National Monument of Victor Emmanuel II (Italy’s first King) to see their ‘tomb of the unknown solider’ and to walk down many many steps…Rick Steves at least gave us a short cut to the top, but there was only one way down for us to be close to our hotel. 

Our evening was spent at the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain, a bar (finishing postcards of course) and was capped off with a wonderful dinner where we sat by this lovely Australian couple.  Easy conversation, great food and a couple of drinks later we have ourselves hosts whenever we make it to Australia!  We have made friends here easier than we do in DC…

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