Florence/Rome Day 5

We traveled to Rome today after stuffing ourselves at breakfast (yogurt here is unusually good).  Even managed to navigate the chaotic Roma Termini station to find the more chaotic bus depot and to find the bus that would drop us near our hotel.  I always feel like I deserve an award for figuring out how to get from one place to another in a foreign country.  A medal would be sufficient.  

I think Royce was the subject of an attempt to pick-pocket on the bus to our hotel.  This group of guys kept asking to see his bus ticket and were commenting on the advertisement on the ticket like they had never seen it before (was an ad for a pop art exhibit at a museum)…the entire time I was thinking…YOU have your own ticket…look at YOURS.  Needless to say they were unsuccessful at thier attempt.  Royce got this great pick-pocekt proof bag for Christmas from my parents one year that has these crazy rain-proof zippers which are IMPOSSIBLE to open discretely without grasping firmly and pulling…hard.

Once settled we set out to the National Museum of Rome…it was OK…a good history lesson I could gave given myself for free by reading the walking tour of the museum from our guidebook.  It was also frustrating that almost everything our guidebook referenced was either on loan or being refurbished.  When finished we stopped by the Baths of Diocletian which had been converted into a giant church so it didn’t look much (not at all really) like the Roman Baths you think of from the movies.

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