Florence Day 4

We were lazy yesterday…we had done Florence and Florence had done us.  We went to the Central Market to take in the chaos and to stock up on some cured meats to bring home, and we also found the most amazing parmesan cheese.  For our culture for the day we had to chose between the Borgello and the Medici Chapels and we chose the Chaples (running out of Euros is easy to do).   After sitting on a free bench for a while we decided to head back to the hotel to nap, drink a beer and write some post cards.  

We are off today to Rome.  Catching the 10:50 train into the Termini station.  All the guidebooks are all about warning for pick pockets and other vandels who pose as fake police officers etc to take your $$…makes me a bit nervous but we are excited to see some of the major Rome sites.


  1. Do they let you take cured meats and cheeses through customs?? Last time I came back from Europe, I almost got detained at customs because I had forgotten to take an apple out of my backpack and they threw a fit!

    Definitely watch out for the pickpockets in Rome, particularly in Termini station. I got accosted by a group of gypsy women and their children who surrounded me and held these pieces of cardboard up around my chest while the kids ran around underneath and tried to pick my pockets. Luckily, everything was in a neck pouch under my clothes, so they didn’t find anything. I know another woman who got accosted by a group of gypsy kids there and when they couldn’t get anything, they kicked both of her legs until they broke them and she spent about a month in a Roman hospital in traction until she could come home. And having a big guy around doesn’t seem to deter them at all. So definitely watch out.

    • We survived Rome with our wallets in hand! I didn’t really see many pick pockets, maybe its too cold for them? I think Royce was getting harassed on a bus when we arrived but his wallet was safe and sound deep inside his bag so they lost out on us.

      You aren’t supposed to bring in meat (we didn’t know that when we bought it)…not sure why, but you are not. Cheese is OK as well as Oils. Lets just say we didn’t throw the meat away…and there were many “Royce smuggling sausage” jokes to stand the test of time.

      • Ah, Roman buses can be a really scary place. I have a very disturbing story from a Roman bus, but it’s not really appropriate to repeat in writing here. Let’s just say it involved a rather unattractive older man, a girl, and some rubbing. Luckily, I managed to move before I became the victim, and was shielded by another very nice Italian man (who WAS rather attractive, and thankfully not a pickpocket), but my friend wasn’t so lucky.

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