Il Latini

We had dinner last night at a popular Florence restaurant…a little more popular than we expected.  The mob that showed up at 7:30 when it opened was a bit unexpected.  So was the rest of the dinner.  They shuffled the entire crowd iinto this cozy place with prosciutto hanging from every corner of the ceiling.  We were all put at random tables together, under the watchful eye of the owner I suspect…a respectful lady…someone straight out of the Soprano’s with a secure eye and steady smoking hand (no smoking is allowed in Florence eating establishments…except for Mamma I suppose she can do what she wants).

We got placed next to a wonderful Italian couple.  The man was a Dentist…supposedly training in Michigan for 10 years but didn’t know a lick of English which I found humorous.  Maybe he got years, months, weeks and days confused??  Regardless with as little Italian as we knew we were able to converse (its not too hard to realize when someone needs more wine regardless of what language they speak!).  The couple had the cutest little dog who sat in the corner and I only saw it perked up when the steak came out…can you blame him?

The food just kept coming…everyone was given appetizers regardless of if you asked for them.  Fresh cured meats, bruschetta, chicken pate and some awesome barley salad was our begining feast.  Then the pasta portion came…ravioli with tomato sauce, and penne in the most delicious meat sauce that I hope to recreate but think I may fail at trying.  Dinner was meat…I had Oso Bucco and Royce had the Veal.  Desert was more drinks…Royce had four in all…such a happy fellow.

There was no menu.  When we arrived the giant bottle of wine was opened for the table…the appetizers were just set in front of you.  The pastas and meats were described by the waiter who offered us explanations in Italian, German, French and English…you just knew that no matter what they brought out was going to be succulent and yet simple.  

The remainder of our meals here will have a hard time living up to this one.

Apologies for the dark photos…I left my nice camera in the room and only brought along my point and shoot…which was a total sin because this place was a dream to photograph!  

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