Florence Day 3

We started off at the Accademia to see Michelangelo’sDavid and his other unfinished works The Prisoners. Below is a picture of David stolen from a website…no photos are allowed in museums here (which I find odd since we were able to take photos of the Mona Lisa when in Paris).

When we were finished, we did the Renaissance Walk from our tour book and found out lots of interesting facts about buildings, churches, and city history. One tid bit I found interesting was Point Vecchio…a bridge that spans across the Arno River.  The Nazis even had the thoughtfulness to save this bridge from  being burned down during WWII.  This picture is the view from the bridge:

Goldsmiths and silversmiths once occupied the point of the bridge in the old times.  Currently, it is a romantic spot where guys demonstrate their enduring quality of thier love by taking their girls here, locking a lock, and throwing the key into the Arno river. 

We have been blessed with beautiful weather thus far.  Made it back to the hotel this afternoon just in time for a big rain storm.  Tomorrow, the weather should clear for our last day here in Florence.


  1. I loooove that last picture! very well composed. Never did come across that when I was in Florence, and I was there for a month! Not sure if you ever got the chance to read this, but here’s my journal entries from my trip to Italy in ’99 that I reposted in the blog last year: http://mandysmusings.livejournal.com/tag/italy+remembered

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