Florence Day 2

This morning was a bit weird due to some jet-lag, but we managed to wake up in time for the free hotel breakfast which was good…filling and…well free which is the most important thing here since the dollar to euro sucks!  We headed to the Science Museum this morning as recommended by my Uncle and we were not disappointed.  Tons of old science relics including a microscope cira 1900’s that looked much like my grandpa’s that was left to me.  

Our afternoon sucked.  Our bank card stopped working even though we pre-notified them of our Italy travels so we wasted an hour calling and dealing with them.  I also had our days off and we ended up missing our Uffizi Gallery reservation time (although the hotel really should have given us our reservation tickets when we checked in yesterday!).  We ended up being able to make reservations for later in the day but we had to pay another reservation fee (3 euros each = approx 6 dollars per person…barf).  Was an expensive museum visit but we saw some amazing paintings by Michelangelo, Leonardo and others.  A little bit of a Mary + baby + angel overdose if I do say so myself.

So far the best part of this vacation has been the coffee and food.  I adore the cafè here…and the prosciutto and cheese sandwiches for lunch are absolutely divine!

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