One bed down…3 more to go.

We tackled one of the 4 landscaped beds we have out front this weekend.  I posted a note on our neighborhood listserve for people to come dig up 8 azaleas (for free of course) which had occupied that area for far to long.  All of them were taken execpt one poor little one which I dug up myself and tossed out back into this deserted area behind our house to die and decay (can you sense my love for these bushes?).

We replaced these unruely ugly things with something a bit more simple, denser, and plain.  I prefer to bring color into my yard by planting flowers…none of which will be hot pink like those azalea bushes.  Our bush of choice for this area was Silver King Euonymus.  

I’m sure in a year or two these guys will grow together to form a nice dense line.  Until then they look a bit puny out there and need some pruning but I’m afraid to do much more to them as I’m sure planting was enough shock to thier system.  

We also planted them a good foot and a half away from the house as suggested by the bug man.  The azaleas were right up against the house which makes a heaven for bugs and also made it difficult to get to the water spigot, not to mention clean out the window wells.  We plan on laying rock up against the house behind the bushes to help aid in leaf-sucking in the fall.  It’s hard enough to suck leaves out of bushes but when you also suck up a bunch of mulch it makes it harder.

I also planted a row of tulips and crocus in front of the bushes so hopefully I’ll have some fun presents sprouting come spring!

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