Baked Ziti

Things are finally returning to normal here for a while.  Work is back to it’s same normal pace and we have a little over a week and half to prepare for Rome.  I’ve gotten back into a work-out routine which had miserably been neglected since we left for Montana.  This week I managed to run (not the best run, but I ran), swim (I’m SO out of swimming shape, but if felt good), and I also did pilates and yoga and lifted some weights.  

Royce worked mostly nights this week but we did get to enjoy two healthy meals courtesy of my Cooking Light magazine I picked up at the airport to entertain me on our flight home from DC since I lost my Ipod.  The October issue is a fall comfort food addicts dream.

Thursday we had the Almond Crusted Salmon with sides of herbed cous-cous and steamed broccoli.  It was simple, fast and tasted great.

Tonight we had the Baked Ziti with cesar salad and garlic bread.  I even made it with ground turkey which I never do because we always have ground beef on hand.  I did cook the ground turkey before putting it in the casserole unlike the recipe stated, because putting raw meat and having it bake in the oven just seemed a bit skeevy to me.  While browning the turkey I added salt, lots of Italian seasoning, and lots of basil.  Couldn’t even tell it was turkey.  I’m sold!

Lets just say I’m not losing any weight but we are not starving either.  I love fall. 

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