Ode to my stolen Ipod

I was hesitant to purchase you, but the podcasts finally sold me.  I had to get the pink one so that Royce could get the silver one, although I made fun of the guy who sold them too us who assumed the pink one went to me and not my manly husband.  You provided me endless entertainment during multiple flights and even provided a soundtrack as we drove through Montana and Wyoming, but Kansas City did you in.  I’m sorry I left you on the plane, I couldn’t hear you calling out for me to remember to pack you up.  I’m usually much more responsible but I must have been distracted bythat girl who screamed during the entire 20-minute descent.  I tried to find you when we went back to the airport but no luck.  I’ve also called Milwaukee if by chance you manged to route yourself there, but all I get when I call is an answering machine.

I’m not sure what irritates me more, that I lost you, or that some jerk didn’t turn you in and decided to keep you for themselves.  I secretly hope if that is the case that you decide to spontaneously combust so that they can’t enjoy their treasure.  

I’ll have to replace you before Rome.  10 hours is far to long to be suck on a plane without your kind of pacification.  I won’t be albe to get another one like you because they don’t make you anymore. You have been replaced by some fancier model where I can watch videos.  Although I’m not sure who wants to watch videos on that small of a screen…maybe a very tiny person, a miniature model of myself may find that enjoyable.  I however think I would burn my retinas out if I tried to focus on something that small for any length of time.

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