Walking down memory lane

We just got back from a long weekend home in Kansas City.  My high-school friend Brooke got married on Saturday which prompted the trip.  Since we were home we decided to swing by our wedding reception venue for lunch on Thursday.  As expected the chef and staff at the Webster House knocked our socks off with serving us the unforgettable mushroom ravioli we had on our wedding night.  To make it complete they even had a small carrot cake made up for us to savor.  This visit truely made our one year anniversary one to remember.  

The rest of our weekend was filled with family, friends and Brookes wedding festivities.  We ate way too much wonderful food, ran a 5k, played multiple games of Jenga with the family, and drove over 300 miles (which solidified our hesitation to move back to KC…that place is SO spread out, it still baffles me).

Even with our packed weekend I still had a chance to roam the streets of Kansas City armed with my new camera for some quintessential shots for our living room photo collection.  I also had some fun snapping photos at the wedding.  I’ve posted some of my favorites below.


PS:  For you fall comfort food lovers the October issue of Cooking Light is a dream. 

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