A very fine evening indeed

Our anniversary dinner was nothing short of perfect.  We both got all hussied up…and hit the town smokin’ hot.  A big change from our 7 AM golf outing that same day.  

Central was more than I expected.  Fresh clean interior, simple yet creative menu.  To top it off we had a rockin’ table right next to the kitchen.  It was like I was in an episode of Top Chef or some other food related reality show.  It was very entertaining to watch the chefs prep and send happiness out to hungry tummies.   We were also in between two very lively tables that we actually interacted with.  Something of an oddity here in DC where people just tend to ignore the presence of others.  I think the kitchen entertainment helped… but also just the all out curiosity of “What did you get?  That looks amazing”.  It’s hard to not ask when something looks so yummy right?

After we filled our bellies with Fried chicken, hanger steak, steak fries, and the most decedent mashed potatoes I’ve ever tasted, we contemplated dessert.  By this time Royce had joined me on my side of the table so that he could take part in the kitchen show as well.  And then I noticed this jolly old man…yes…Chef Michel Richard himself was there…and took up the table right next to us.  It was amazing.  Diners came up to him the rest of the night, most spoke in French, and I’m sure were complementing his amazing work.  Royce even shook his hand and gave praise.  He laughed at us for sharing one crème brulee…stating “my wife and I could never share one”…and he joyfully patted his big round belly.  Hilarious!

A great unexpected night of good food and a little celebrity.  It doesn’t get any better than that.

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