Let me welcome…the beer fridge.

We have been waiting long and for some reason too long for our extra fridge.  I don’t know why we were so lazy in getting around to this its not like the simple models are all that expensive and it literally took us 15 mins once we walked in the door at Sears to purchase said item and also walk out with a leaf blower/sucker thingy (which I’m very excited for too by the way!).  I think the time spent suffering with one fridge and deciding if we wanted an extra fridge or an giant freezer was worth it though.  And now we will 100% appreciate our extra fridge for what it will give us….extra space to chill beer and freeze copious amounts of cost-co meat.  It will also keep me from having to do grocery origami to get everything to fit nicely in our side-by-side that was left by the previous owners which solidified my hatred of side-by-side units.

We decided to go the fridge route.  I grew up with both an extra fridge and freezer in the basement.  I’m sure someday we will grow to need both (and so will our waist lines).  However right now given our current food intake I couldn’t justify freezing that much stuff to warrant a giant freezer unless we also bought a generator since our power here is so fickle at times.

I think it is an important mark.  1 year in our house, 1 year of marriage, and now we give birth to a beer fridge.  Very domestic.  Very suburban.  We are fitting in well into this adult phase of our lives.

Now I get to go fill up my fridge with beer and meat!  hooray!

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