We are the stupidest people ever

We had five days without air conditioning with 90+ degree weather… and our repairman came over and flipped the switch to our breaker box.  Yes, we are so stupid we don’t even deserve to own a home.  He kindly said this happens to a lot of people…regardless I’m still pissed I waited so long and sweated so much for him to come over and do something I could have done on Wednesday night.  The only good news is that he didn’t charge us a dime for our idiocy.  

So let this be a lesson to the rest of you.  When your A/C isn’t working…go check the breaker box first.

Our weekend went by way to fast.  The trip to State College, PA to watch the pitiful put-out by the Hawkeyes sucked up the majority of our time.   We camped Saturday night with Kristen who was tickled by our head lamps…although I see it as a minor headlamp deficient jealousy.  She took the above stellar shot of the two geeks next to their giant tent.  We upgraded for car camping…we needed more space for Charlie…at least that was our excuse.

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