It’s gettin hot in here!

(If thinking of a particular song there is more to that lyric but I’ll leave that up for the creative thinkers out there!) 

Our A/C isn’t working.  I noticed it last night when I went to bed and thought “gee…its hot in here…I’m going to go crank down the AC a bit”.  When I got to the thermostat it was reading 80 degrees and the fans were a blowin and the little snow flake was on the screen indicating “brrr…cold air”.  But no “burrr cold air” was coming out of the vents.  It was more like “air-air. thats not cold air, not hot air, just air-air”.  

I pondered…fiddled…pondered some more and then cursed the house Gods for not sending us this problem a mere 30 days ago WHEN OUR HOME WARRANTY WAS STILL VALID.

But now its not, it expired on the 11th of Sept (of course). And sometimes I have to remember that Mom sewed Murphy in my pocket before sending me off in this mean cruel world.

Hopefully we will be lucky and all it needs is a minor $200 repair at which I’ll hug my repair man and dance around gleefully.  Or we could need a new unit.  At which point the positive person in me will try to think of how we will save so much by getting a nice energy efficient model which will be healthy and strong until we leave this home…but the negative person in me will curse the loss of money that we had saved to go into our basement re-refinishing.

But we won’t know  until Monday.  And our weekend is looking hot, highs of 85 degrees.  It’s October people…it’s supposed to be crisp…where is FALL?  85 degress is just mean!  Mean Mean MEAN I say…you totally know that next weekend its going to snow.


  1. Just hope the furnace doesn’t go out when it snows! I had the same thoughts last year when our furnace went out after the home warranty had expired. The darn thing was 22 years old when we bought the house — it should have died during the warranty period! But no, it had to wait until the winter AFTER the warranty expired. I must have a case of Murphy, too.

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