Denial is fun

You know you are in denial when it takes you 3 days to adjust your wrist watch back to your local time zone.  I just felt like living in Mountain Time for a bit longer you know?

My week has gotten much better since Monday.  Royce’s has not.  A new computer system at work was released while we were gone and my techno-challenged husband is having a hard time.  But it sounds like all of them are having a hard time (from what I know of doctors most don’t learn to A) type or B) use computers during medschool so I’m sure its all out chaos there in the ER).

I have a few nights alone this week since he is working the evening shifts.  Always harder after you return from 7 days of spending every moment together to go to not seeing someone for a couple of days.  At least I have all the TV premiers on my DVR to pacify me.  Oh and all that work at work…yeah that too but I try to leave that at work.

Got my new orthotics yesterday…but I have to ‘break them in’ for a week so I still can’t really run in them yet.  Plan on going for a walk today with Sir Charlie and maybe a easy 2 mile run w/o the inserts tomorrow…and a bike ride on Friday.  Our weekend is shot with our tril to State College PA to watch the Hawkeyes get hosed by the Nittley Lions, but hopefully we can get some activity in on Monday…horay for Columbus Day!  I need to get back into the swing of exercising since we really didn’t do much running in Montana.  Figured carrying a 20 lb backpack on an 8 mile hike was sufficient.

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