I have never believed that your first day back from vacation should be easy or even remotely kind.  I’ve always expected frustrating, endless days.  Today was one of them…although not over, I’ll be sure to update if anything else crazier happens.

7:30 AM – woke up late.  forgot to set alarm clock.  I think this actually worked in my favor as the extra sleep was probably needed
8:15 AM – noticed front passenger tire was a bit flat and thought “shit I don’t have time to fill that up on my way to work”  (see #1 above…I was late)
8:16 AM – car wouldn’t start thought “shit…now I have to take the bus…I’m going to be really late..hopefully Royce can drive me to work” (he did)
8:45 AM – within 15 mins of sitting down at work the phone rang regarding something that should have been solved last week while I was gone per my instructions left to my co-workers.
10:00 AM – was assigned yet another NDA which is on some new rapid fire time clock so I get to bust my ass between now and January to get it done.  (the only thing that makes this remotely OK is that my boss did feel bad about giving this to me but either way its still wrong to do it on my first day back right?)
11:45 AM – Discovered mold on sandwich bread I used in the AM to make my lunch
2:00 PM – Sat through a dreadful sponsor presentation on previously mentioned NDA where they have no data but still want approval.
3:30 PM – been in meetings for 1.5 hours by now, need to pee so bad I’m afraid I may wet myself
3:35 PM – head to another meeting where I have to tell a sponsor they have to do an expensive pointless study that I don’t believe in.
4:45 PM – Friend drives me home but I realize I don’t have any keys and am locked out.

So I’m here…I’m in my house but I wasn’t able to return my overdue library books or go to the grocery store as I had originally planned to do this afternoon after work.  I think I’ll just drink instead…it’s safe and likely not to involve updating this post later this evening.


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