It’s a boring night at the Burns residence.  Royce is working, dog is sleeping and I’m beat from my overly packed weekend.  Amanda posted this interesting career survey on her blog today and what better timing since the FDA could be laying off 2000 people by Friday…its just so nerve racking it’s almost funny.  

So what could I do if I left that popsicle stand of a government institution?  Well I could be a: 

1. Logistics Specialist    

2. Family and Consumer Scientist <—MOM…did you see that!!!

3. Zookeeper    

4. Hospital Service Worker    

5. Animal Caretaker    

6. Dietitian    

7. Industrial Designer    

8. Cartographer    

9. Interior Designer    

10. Animal Trainer

And that’s just the top 10…and I could actually see myself enjoying myself as an Interior Designer if I had the slightest idea what I was doing other than plagiarizing the Pottery Barn Catalogue with cheaper products.  But Zookeeper?  really?  WTF?  That one made me laugh.  There is definitely an ‘animal theme’ going on there in the top 10…strange if do say.  


Maybe this survey is trying to tell me something?  I don’t see Pharmacist, or anything ‘medical’ on my list other than Hospital Service Worker (I’m not even sure what that is) and Dietitian.  I definitely don’t see “boring office job where you read dull reports and re-write them”.  Oh I what I meant to say was “Office job where you get to read fascinating reports and approve drugs”.

It gets even better.  In my Top 40 we have:
11. Nursery/Greenhouse Grower (I kill everything plant my hand comes in contact with)

12. Desktop Publisher   

13. Housekeeper (I can’t stand cleaning my own filth)

14. Cartoonist / Comic Illustrator (I did draw some funny stuff as a kid during church services)   

15. Fashion Designer (this is a option but only if I can design stuff for althetically built girls instead of twigs) 

16. Animator        

17. Pipefitter (What?!)   

18. Outdoor Guide (my dream of becoming “Forrest Ranger Julie” just may just come true!)   

19. Bricklayer / Stonemason (can girls be this?)   

20. Construction Tradesperson

21. Forester (see #18)

22. Chimney Sweep (Only if I get to dance around like they did in Mary Poppins)   

23. Fast Food Worker (Ick.gross.no.never)   

24. Drywaller (funny considering I can’t even pick up a piece of drywall on my own)

25. Horse Trainer (horses scare me…but that wasn’t a question now was it?)

26. Plasterer (sensing a home improvement theme???)

27. Chef  (YES!  My dream job…well owning my own restaurant is, I don’t think I have the tolerance to go to chef school)  

28. Butcher (I can’t cut up moo cows…but I will eat them!)  

29. Window Washer (survey didn’t ask if I was afraid of heights) 

30. Cook  (see #27 but only if it was my own place)  

31. Forestry Technician (ooo…another nature option!)

32. Insulator (not too sure what this is)

33. Concrete Mason  (man me and brick/masonry…who new?)  

34. Gardener  (really…I’m bad at gardening…I kill things and I don’t water them).  

35. Roofer (I have put a couple of good roofs on back in my high school work-camp days)  

36. Personal Trainer  (lol…given my challenge of running a half-marathon i find this laughable!)

37. Planner (I DO like to plan)

38. General Contractor (yet another construction/home improvement spin)

39. Property Manager    

40. Farmer (Iowa here I come!)

Although a fun exercise I’m not to sure I’m ready to switch careers quiet yet (hopefully I won’t have to).  There were some viable options but they were stuck between Plasterer and Butcher so that makes me a bit leery….maybe if they were higher up in the list I would be a bit more excited.  Oh well…if you want to try it out go to http://www.careercruising.com/, put in Username: nycareers, Password: landmark and take the “Career Matchmaker”

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