Forced 3 week running vacation

So my diagnosis is that my feet are fucked up.  I could have told him that.  I guess it’s good to know nothing else is wrong.  I also learned some new calf stretches and was reassured that nothing was wrong with my legs that would need more than custom orthotics.  Next Tuesday is my date with the orthotic man and then in 2 weeks I should have them in my hot little hands.  That means I should be able to get back out there just in time for a couple weeks of training before the KC marathon 5k I signed up for.  Thank god I didn’t sign up for the half-marathon…I would be horribly under-trained.

The hiatus actually comes at a good time…the pool is back open to normal hours and our 1-week vacation to Montana is at the end of the month and no running will take place there…just lots and lots of hiking.

Now I get to fill my weeks with cross training…not bad I suppose but now that I can’t run I’m really itching to do it especially now that the whether is heading for cooler temps at the end of this week. Funny how it works that way.

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