A well traveled pup indeed

Charlie (and us) got to go to NJ and PA (and we drove trough DE) this lovely labor day weekend.  

It was an exciting time for all.  The purpose of our trip was to visit my old UB fellowship mentor and his offspring in NJ.  It was fun catching up, touring his new house (castle?) and playing with the kids.  I brought my camera and tested it out on the many photogenic subjects at my disposal.

Royce made a friend with Patrick’s daughter and played a lovely game of croquet…her favorite.  

Charlie behaved nicely with the kids.  It was a constant cat and mouse chase game.  He would chase the kids…they would scream and run away…the kids would chase him…he would run and hide behind us.  Fun really.  

Mostly he just really enjoyed all the petting.

On our way back to DC we stopped in Philly and stayed with my friend Dat and his wife, Winnie.  Today we went out on the streets of Philly and I got to test out the new camera a bit on the city landscape.  It’s working nicely if I say so myself…

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