David Craig

I was a bit leery of patronizing a restaurant named after the chef, David Craig, especially when it’s located in the fancy ‘hood of Bethesda (not quite as rough and tumble as Silver Spring).  I think its a bit…well…pompous to name your establishment after yourself…as if you can’t even dream of a name more exciting than your own.  yawn.  I was also intrepid because he used to be at Pesce…and Amanda gave a dismal review of that place this past winter.  Maybe he left before then.  Regardless, our dinner last night with Mike and Rachel was surprisingly divine.

First and foremost, unlike most Bethesda establishments the curb appeal of this place was tired at best. We actually walked by it once before realizing where we were. A nondescript sign through creaky doors lead us into the tiniest dining rooms I’ve seen since Paris. Our waitress led us back to another roomier dining room that was made to look bigger with a wall of antique mirrors. Still though, it was a small place with a window into the kitchen…intimate and light, but not dark and fancy.

We started off with the Heirloom Tomato Salad, although we were tempted by the Fried Green Tomatoes.  For dinner, Royce had the Lobster Risotto…a bit undercooked but had remarkable flavor.  I had the Grilled Pork Loin with House-made Sausage…that’s right folks…meat with a side of meat!  It was fabulous.  Our dinner companions had the Hand-cut Fettuccine with Meat and Wild-mushroom Ragu and the Squash Ravioli.  By far the best meal as Rachel’s Fettuccini…just the right amount of creamy with a great smoky ragu.  Yum.

Dessert was a circus.  We all ordered something and then once they arrived we all wanted a piece of everything so we passed the plates around the table in circle.  Royce won that contest by ordering the Chocolate Bread Pudding.  I went with the Beignets, and Mike and Rachel had the Grapefruit Sabayon and the Profiteroles.  

All and all it was a great night out…Mike and Rachel are fun to explore restaurants with as their level of pretension is low, and they love to share and try new things.  Next up is our favorite local Italian place…DaMarco’s.

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