4 miles

Considering my will to run today was below zero I’m proud that I was able to even finish 4 miles let alone run the entire time except for 1 minute used to catch my breath after emerging from the muggy forrest.  This weather is sucking the life energy out of me.  I’m so tired of this heat, the humidity and all out disgusting sweltering feeling that one gets the minute you walk outside.  Its like a wall hits you.  I’m hopeful that if I’m able to tolerate running in this weather, once fall hits I’m going to kick some serious ass.  It will be nice to not have to schedule runs around the heat.  For the most part today’s run was pain free.  I’m starting to feel that tightness again in my calves and its making me wonder if maybe I need to go try out another shoe.  I’ll see how next week is.  I think I’ll skip the speed interval training on Tuesday and do the same workout just slower…

On another note I must praise Royce for pushing me today…getting me out there…and making me run the entire time.  His encouraging words kept me going when I wanted to quit and I’m lucky to have such a patient (and free) trainer!


  1. Runnin’

    Keep on truckin’ Jules! Heat and humidity can take a lot out of you, for sure. Make certain you keep your electrolytes in balance. Some of your tightness may be attributed to sweating a whole lot and not replenishing with enough fluids. I’ve been experimenting with Endurolytes salt capsules and I’m planning to try out Enlyten Sports Strips soon. Do you eat or drink anything while you run? A-

    • Re: Runnin’

      I drink water while I run, no eating thus far. I fill up an small camelback about 1/3 of the way, suck all the air out (to reduce water sloshing) and strap it on. It’s not the best option but there isn’t any water where we run and I can’t stand sloshy water around my waist. Makes my tummy ill.

      Maybe I should try filling it with a sports drink and hydrate differently during the days of my run. I typically just drink water except for after my run I drink a bit of gatorade.

      • Re: Runnin’

        Ya, I’ve experimented with the deal around the waist (uncomfortable), the camelback (got really stinky…hard to wash), and planting fluids on the route (too much work). The system that works best for me is the handheld-bottle-thingy. You’ve probably seen them at the running stores and REI, places like that. Basically, a water bottle that fits inside a holster-type deal, usually has a zippered pocket for keys, id, and fuel, and serves as a strap to secure the bottle around your hand so you don’t have to totally hold it. Sometimes I carry one in both hands and after a longer run, I feel like my arms have gotten a workout too.

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