naked walls

Our naked walls aren’t so naked anymore.  I struck gold today at Costco while shopping for my camera (and salmon, and asparagus but those are boring things you shouldn’t want to hear about) and found a great big old lookingish mirror for above our fireplace mantle and a pair of weird artsy-fartzy framed  plate looking things for our dining room.  (You say “thats nice Julie…great descriptions…why don’t you use that fancy new camera and take some pictures for us?”.  Just maybe I’ll go do that!)

This freed up some photos which had a temporary home on the mantle for hanging in the hallway.   So it hasn’t been quite a  year since we moved in…but its close.  At least we can say we finally hung something on the walls before our year anniversary.  Now I’m motivated to get some of our wedding photos printed and framed for hallway display as well.  Maybe tomorrow…I’ve got a camera to tinker with tonight.


  1. So which camera did you get?

    • I jumped on the Nikon D40x bandwagon! Love it. Been having lots of fun tinkering with it. Should learn more on how to use all it’s fancy features here in a couple of weekends at the outdoor photography class.

      • Great! I love mine too! One thing I really like about it is the size — my hands are small, so the larger ones are just awkward for me to use. The D40x is perfect for smaller people!

  2. Holler if you ever have and D40 questions. Mine performed well this year for vacations and weddings–no complaints yet!

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