Stronger than I thought and a quiet night.

Yesterday was my first run after a 2-week hiatus.  It felt, well…great!  And I’m not one for runs that feel ‘great’.  I was a bit nervous…the calves, the mucus filled lungs, the coughing…so I didn’t set my sights too high, as I hate to quit and let myself down.  I figured 45 mins of walk 5 mins/jog 5 mins would be sufficient for me to complete.  So I got my Ipod, my water and set myself in front of the only TV not playing a soap opera (pure torture to watch that crap while on a treadmill) and then next thing I know I’m running 10 mins and bust-my-ass-walking 5 mins cause I want to MOVE!  I did cough a bit, which I think scared some of my dreadmill buddies but my calves didn’t hurt the tiniest bit…after a good stretch and some upper body weight lifting I came home and iced them down.

Tomorrows tempo run will be interesting, the ultimate test really.  I’ll let my body decide if it wants to get up and go in the morning.  Luckily Thursdays are NIH days so they typically let out a bit early.  Maybe I can rope the husband into going with me for a late afternoon jaunt through our flat park route we like.  I find it odd though that for outside runs I can’t stand to use my Ipod.  I find it distracting…I typically bring it along for the warm-ups/cool downs…but I find myself getting less frustrated with my breathing/tempo if I just pull the buds out of my ears during my run.  Royce thinks I’m crazy.  I probably am.

It’s been a quiet night here.  Royce got called in for work so it’s just me and the pup.  TV is crap so I went to the library to pick up some books.  I got a ‘field guide’ to landscape photography I think I’ll take a gander at this evening with a glass of wine…that is if Charlie will leave me alone long enough for me to focus on reading.  I’m really getting excited for our upcoming travel adventures.  Unfortunately they fall at really bad times for me at work so I’ve had to bust my ass to complete stuff almost a month before the due date because me and my boss are both gone for a week back to back.  Oh well…once I’m in Yellowstone I won’t get a rats ass about ixabepilone…until then though, its all I can think about so I think I’ll drink some more wine.


  1. Good news!

    It’s good to hear that your calves are cooperating. Got a race picked out? A-

    • Re: Good news!

      Yep. We are going to run the 5k at the KC marathon in Oct. Would do the half-marathon but I’m in a wedding that afternoon and I don’t want to risk any ill effects. The half-marathon I’m shooting for is in March…the National Marathon, but I half to qualify for it…I hope the 5k at the KC marathon will do that for me!

  2. iPod

    It’s actually really smart for you to run without your iPod or any music when you run outside. Particularly for women, it can be really dangerous to run with music because you’re not aware of what’s going on around you, which makes you a prime target for predators and other crime. I never wear my iPod or any other kind of music or noise when I’m running outside, unless it’s during a race. I’ve even started leaving the music at home during races too. I’ve read a lot of articles over the last couple of years advising the same thing for women. It’s a sad reality, but in the world we live in, it’s just not safe.

  3. Racing

    Cool! Races are fun. Did you end up staying in the same shoes? How’s that new running store you were talking about? A-

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