It’s time to get back on the saddle.

It has been almost 2 weeks since my last run, and a painful run at that.  I remember it fondly…intervals in the gym on the dreadmill…having to finally give up and stop because of the awful dull throbbing pain in my calves.  I was planning resting a week, doing some cross training, getting back on the bike, supplementing with Pilates…but then the cold of all colds struck and I’ve been gasping for air in between coughing my face off ever since.

The cough still is not gone…I can still hack until I see stars in front of me hoping to God I don’t pass out.  But today its a bit better, the sinus mess is gone, and although during our hike yesterday I was short of breath I’m hopeful I can finish a run tomorrow.  I’m not going to do fast intervals but I’ll do the ‘interval’ type workout but at a slower pace running for my destined distance and then resting by walking.  Hopefully this way I can still keep my breath but ease my calves back into reality.  I don’t know what my plan is for Thursdays tempo run…it obviously won’t be at tempo and it probably won’t be outside either as the temperatures and humidity are supposed to climb through the week.  God I can’t wait until fall, this weather is a killer.

Tonight I’m starting off with Pilates…hopefully I won’t cough my way through it and disturb all the other students.

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