A birthday cold

It’s what every 29 year old wants…a chest cold for her birthday.  At least it held off consuming me until late Friday night and didn’t do most of its damage until Sunday.  I’m on the mend though…good timing if I say so myself since I planned on taking the week of from running anyways.

My mom’s visit was good albeit a bit dull for her I’m sure…taking care of her sick daughter probably wasn’t in her plans of “things to do while on vacation”. We did make it down to see the National Archives and the Postal Museum on Friday.  Saturday we went roaming around antique stores in Frederick, MD.  Sunday she got to go to the grocery store, the ER and  she got to drive on the capital beltway…scary, exciting, what every visitor to DC wants to do!  

I took today off of work, my first honest  ‘sick-day’ in 3 years, mostly I just take “mental health” days.  I plan on sleeping a lot and reading.  I already finished A Little Love Story by Roland Merullo…great quick read; the main character is hilarious in his humor.  The ending was a bit confusing but I found a tip to go back and read the first chapter and now it makes sense.

On today’s reading list is The Memory Keepers Daughter and maybe I’ll watch some movies too.

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