A bump in the road but its my birthday week so I don’t care.

I had a very painful run today.  It was interval day and about half way through I had to stop…the pain was unbearable for me to keep at my speed and walking during my ‘rest intervals’ was beginning to get hard.  I felt bad, but I refused to hurt myself too so I decided to stop and lifted some weights instead.  After a few internet searches and a consult from Albert I’ve come to find out I have tight calves.  Yes, my meaty legs are tight…but I digress.   

I’m having some severe calf pain…upper calf pain, dull aching inner muscle calf pain that is exacerbated when (1) I run and (2) when I walk downstairs.  It is all very odd considering I typically have problems with shin splints not my calves.  I hope I can remedy it with some ice, naproxen, and a few tools recommended by Albert.  The good news is he didn’t tell me to stop running (is that good news?  I donno…I’m torn) but to stop with speed work and to have flat easy runs.  That I can do!  A prescription for success if I do say so myself.  Now if that running store down the street would just open so that I could get a massage stick I would be good to go.

Although I’m tempted to just rest and fill the remainder of my birthday week with relaxation, some Pilates, some good food and maybe a couple dog-walks.  My mom gets in town on Thursday so I’m going to try to wake up that AM and get a short flat run in…say 2-3 miles if I feel good.  I may skip the long run this weekend as it is blasted hot here and well…I’ve got company.  

I hope to get some good shopping done this weekend.  Our walls are still in dire need of some decoration.  I’m hopeful that a couple of antique stores and maybe some estate sales can get us all set.  Unfortunately I’m having a hard time finding the wall mounted shelves I so desire, so I may have to just bite the bullet and get them from Pottery Barn.  

That’s all for now.  I’m all full and satisfied from a wonderful birthday dinner at Mon Ami Gabi with mon ami Amy (my friend Amy for those who don’t speak French)…good times…now it is time for bed.

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