A busy Saturday

This is the first weekend we have had off and are in town since…gosh, at least a month.  Many things to do, not enough time to fit them all in but we will try!  Last night we drove up to Baltimore to eat at this rather famous bar that is extremely dog friendly, The Thirsty Dog.  We had been there in the past and saw humans and their best friends just chilling, drinking and eating pizza.  We were excited to bring Charlie and enjoy the night together as a family…until we walked in…and heard the bad news…no more puppies.  What??!!!  I guess the liquor board said that if they saw another dog in the building they would take away thier Liquor license.  Feeling rejected we continued walking and were able to find a nice outdoor patio which was puppy friendly and had a nice dinner albeit a bit sweaty since it was super hot last night.

Today I wanted to get my ‘long run’ in and since it is supposed to get to the upper 90’s this afternoon I figured it would be best to do it in the AM.  I did this on Thursday AM to avoid the same issue and surprisingly my run went very well.  I never understood why people would get up and run before work but now I totally get it.  I’m lucky that Thursdays are my NIH days so I really don’t have to get up any earlier than normal since I don’t have to be at clinic until 9:30.  It made for a nice start to the day and it felt good to know that it was over with.

Today we did much the same.  Got up at 6:30, ran our 3.5 miles and then went to get coffee at our favorite local place, Mayorga.  The run was hard, my legs felt like lead and no matter how hard I tried I could get them to move faster.  If it wouldn’t have been for Royce I probably would have quit after 1 mile but I pushed through to the finish and after a short water break even finished running out of the park which was probably an additional 0.25 mile.  When we got home it was time to walk the dog and after that was done it was time to feed both the dog and ourselves.  

We had some left over black beans and rice (I highly recommend the Goya Black Beans and Rice Mix…and I’m not much of a ‘boxed mix’ fan) from our Fajita night on Thursday so I took those, some eggs, peppers, cheese, red onion and scrambled them all together.  Served it with a tortilla topped with avocado and some salsa and presto!  a perfect breakfast burrito.  It’s dishes like this that make me want to open a restaurant.

After a quick breakfast we had to do our errands to get ready for tonight’s visitors.  Torey, Royce’s friend from way back and his wife Morning are coming over for dinner.  The menu for tonight you ask?  My staple (probably because I’m really really good at it now):  Steak Au Poivre, French Onion Mashed Potatoes, Maple Glazed Carrots and a Baby Spinach Salad with fresh goat cheese and strawberries.  Anyone else want to join us??

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