A good run on a lousy day

Wow…I’m amazed I even made it out much less to my goal.  I’m working hard on running outside…I can run inside easily, and for a long time, but put me outside and I shut down.  I don’t know if it is the heat, humidity, terrain, allergens or what, but I really really struggle with outdoor runs.  Royce and I had scheduled a ‘long run’ today…my ‘long runs’ aren’t very long yet.  My training program had me start at 5 miles but as you can see above…I was having a hard time.  So I decided to start with how far I was able to go on my first week (2.6 miles) and I’m upping it by 0.5 miles a week until I get to the 5 or 6 miles it wants me to go on my weekend ‘long runs’.   It’s the only way I could mentally warp my mind around doing this without getting frustrated.  I’m still able to keep on track with the rest of the training…intervals are no problem and the weekday runs never go over 2 miles in one stretch without a rest interval.  Slow and steady wins the race. 

Today was a gloomy day.  Rumbles of thunder were a constant sound stage as I putzed around the house cleaning, organizing and reading.  When Royce got home the skys opened.  He was not deterred though…and pushed me to go out for a run.  We decided to hit up our old neighborhood for our once familiar route.  It is much flatter than were we currently live and part of our route runs through Rock Creek Park which is closed to traffic on the weekends so that runners and bicyclists alike can take over the roads.  I forgot how much I liked running down there.  Felt good, strong and was able to finish my measly 3 miles on time and in pace…and sopping wet.  Running in the rain is refreshing though…next time I think I’ll wear my contacts though.


  1. I had the same problem when I first started running outside. Inside was so easy, and then outside I struggled so much. I think it’s just harder running outside — there are so many variables that force your body to work and adjust that it’s just harder. But, now I love running outside, and I will always take an outdoor run to an indoor run. Evidenced by the fact that I run in the summer heat, and in the cold winters. (unless it’s icy — I’m not that stupid!)

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