Brain drain

It has been a long week.  I’ve been in Leadership Potential Training since Monday and it has been sucking the life energy out of me.  Not that  the training is hard, it’s the strange new people that are drawn to this type of training that I’ve had to tolerate throughout the week .  I’m sure I’m as odd to them as they are to me though so I  have been keeping an open mind…which must take a lot of energy.  Tomorrow is the last day and it can’t come soon enough.  Over the span of a week I’ve discussed more team problems than I care to divulge, hugged strange people, drew a caricature of a old wrinkly lady, chose and analyzed a photograph, built a gum drop tower, and have role playing as a dwarf.   So as you can see it has been hard just waking up and facing the day not even considering the runs I’ve been going on of an evening.  

Not all is a loss though, Royce did patch the holes left in the ceiling by the bulster that once was in our living room.  The room looks much better now,  I was growing tired of our six pieces of blue painters tape covering the holes.  And he also mowed the lawn and did some weed killing.  We did get out last night for a great dinner at Jackies with a couple of neighbors.  Tomorrow is movie night, and Saturday is another date night.  Throw in a couple hours at CVS and my weekend feels as though it is already over and it hasn’t even begun.


I’m tired.


  1. I hate weekends like that. Seems like I’ve had a lot of those lately–I feel for ya! Hopefully things will slow down in August.

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