My ass has been kicked

I’m not sure if it was yesterday’s workout, my puny lunch, or what, but today’s 45 min bike ride kicked me hard.  I had to leave the spinner after 30 mins because it was hurting my bum and moved over to a recumbent bike to finish off the rest of the torture.  Probably didn’t help that I forgot bike shorts and was spinning in running shorts…not a good option, you need full leg coverage when going at 100 rpm’s.  After the bike ride and some stretching I did a quick pilates stomach series and was feeling a bit woozy…then I got really cold but was still sweating so I figured it would be best to skip the weights and get home.

Stopped by Trader Joes on the way… I’m craving a taco salad tonight and since Royce is working I can try out the Trader Joe’s Chicken Chili Lime Burgers in place of my traditional taco-beef-meat.  Filler up with some black beans, romaine, low-fat mexican cheese, tomatoes, guac and I’m all set for a filling and relatively healthy dinner.

Royce was a busy husband today.  He installed our new $20 Ikea light in our kitchen (I know, we went all out for this fixture, we really shouldn’t have!).  The house came with one of those extremely tacky 70’s tiffany style type things.  It provided nothing but a dim glow and was a head-to-head death match for anyone over 6 feet tall.  It is amazing how much brighter (and bigger) the room looks with proper lighting.  I almost don’t need any of the under the cup-board task lights anymore to find my way around.  And now Royce and my tall friends won’t have to constantly be on guard when walking into the kitchen anymore. 

Royce is at work now and I’m looking forward to a quiet night.  Tomorrow we meet with a financial planner to go over our retirement investing to make sure we are on the right track.  After that we have plans to go to a book store to poor over some guide books for our upcoming backpacking trip to Yellowstone.  We are too cheap to buy them, so we will take notes and maybe if we are lucky one of our county libraries will have some of the good ones in stock for us to check out someday.  Until then, I think a shower is calling me and so is my couch!

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