Home sweet home

We arrived back from MN on Sunday.  I think the best thing about coming home from vacation now is picking up Charlie.  It was absolutely hilarious to see him bound across the waiting room of the dog camp we take him too.  I swear I saw him smiling.  He was a very tired puppy…fell asleep on the floor of the car on the way home, that never happens.  Typically he is so squirmy in cars it takes one of us to hold him back while the other drives.

Our house was still sanding when we returned, but no one picked the weeds for us.  While gone, Rosario installed our attic fan and fixed some other things around the house.  Hopefully we can do some non-house spending the next few months.  Outside of purchasing a extra fridge for the basement I’m not anticipating any expenses or renovations until the winter.  Now that I’ve said that our AC will die tomorrow. 

On my lists of non-house related ‘wants’ is a Digital SLR…I took pictures using the brides camera at the wedding and fell in love…with the camera, not the bride, although she was quite pretty.  I really hope I can save enough to get one before we go to Montana in September but if not I’ll have it by November for Rome.  I also want a Garmin GPS thing for running.  I’ve decided I need to get in better shape and make my 10K’s faster and I’m motivated enough right now to do the National half-marathon in March.  I would prefer to do it this fall but there aren’t any races near by, and our Montana Trips and Rome trips will probably screw up the training a bit.  Today I did my first interval run…4 miles not including the warm-up/cool-down, which is a lot for me, but it felt great.  I hope it stays decently mild out this weekend for my ‘long’ run, a measly 5 miles for some, but to me it’s a lot so it won’t be so easy. 

We have had a couple quiet nights since returning…which we needed since there was some food and drink gluttony over the weekend.  It’s been nice to wind down the past few days with quiet dinners and lots of reading. 

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