We are in Minneapolis, MN for a wedding and to visit many other friends who have escaped the expensive thrones of DC for cheaper pastures.  It’s been lovely so far…the weather is beautiful…I almost want to move here myself and then I remember the dreaded winters.

I find it funny that although I’m away I’m still obsessed with houses.  I  look at what others have done, I’m constantly checking out paint colors.  And as we were driving down the street today I found myself asking when the houses were built because I’ve seen a lot of classical 1950’s front doors.

What has happened to me?  I’ve turned into to some home improvement nut who drools over others decorating choices and gawks at neighbors like a teen-aged boy looking at porn. 

I need help.

I’ll post some pictures later but I think the one idea I’ll steal from Angela and Daves house is their sweet kitchen trash set up.  Did I just say sweet kitchen trash?  Ugh…I need more beer.

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