Let there be light!

Yesterday we had recessed lighting along with some lights out back installed by our trusty contractor.  Now we get to dispose of our college ‘tower lamps’ that made our living room look a bit unsavory and I can stop banging my head against the deck post when I park in back of an evening.  

Whenever he comes over though we find a bunch of stuff that needs fixed.  Last time it was the toilet, this time it was the attic fan.  Yippie!  Unfortunately the attic fan isn’t covered by the home warranty so it looks like he gets to come back to install that for us.  I’m leary of letting him back in the house though…I wonder what will break next time.

Good news is that someone is supposed to come fix the leaky furnace today.  I’m on call to leave work when they get close to our house.  Rosario (the light guy) said it was probably a clogged drain pipe which wasn’t allowing the A/C condensation to drain properly so it resorted to draining all over our floor.  Fun!

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