Ugh…more water

First it was the washing machine flood of Jan ’07, then the toilet leak of May ’07 and now its the furnace meltdown of July ’07.  Seems like every 2-3  months we have some issue with water in our basement.  Its making me extremely leery of finishing of this section of the house.  Of course the home warranty people are out today so I can’t make a claim so that I can schedule an appointment for repair.  To top it off we are going out of town on Wednesday…things are going just swimmingly if I say so myself (that was sarcasm folks).

The only positive thing that could come out of this is just maybe…god willing…our system is cooked and we can get a new one under the home warranty.  Wouldn’t that be just peachy? 


  1. Ooh, I’ll pray that your furnace is shot. Ours went out about a year after our home warranty expired. That wasn’t our funnest Christmas present ever.

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